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Jillian Wisborg

Vibrant Vixen: Women’s Health Program

Vibrant Vixen: Women’s Health Program

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You are currently dealing with 

  • Slow growing hair & nails! 
  • Low sex drive or non-existant 
  • Low appetite or high appetite 
  • PMS concerns up to and including cysts 
  • Poor memory, ADHD symptoms, OCD symptoms 
  • Low energy, fatigue, zombie-like states constantly 
  • Skin breakouts including acne, eczema and psoriasis 
  • Lacking creative inspiration & feeling a loss of ambition 
  • Low self esteem, low self worth, rapid changes in mood 
  • Poor digestion, lack of absorption of nutrients, leaky gut syndrome 
  • Hormone concerns (high/low testosterone, estrogen, progesterone) 
  • Poor sleep quality, be it falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up alert 
  • Metabolic concerns (underweight/overweight), thyroid or adrenal issues 

Shedding happens every single period, that special time in which we as women are literally reborn (but often feel like we are dying). You may not know this, but your period is a direct reflection of your health (emotional, physical and mental) from the past month. The period is an opportunity to shed and release, so you might be in a healthier state to create something new (biologically often associated with birthing a child, but can also signify a project, writing piece, and even state of being).

Unfortunately, due to many external toxins we can feel trapped and experience feeling poorly about ourselves. Stuck in a cycle of mood swings in which we cannot get a grip, the initial onset of periods is often felt as incredibly challenging. All of what we have been suppressing arises..and it can feel extreme!

Imagine eating healthfully with full love for it, feeling sexually and creatively empowered, creating solid curves (and not all with exercise), connecting deeply to food and knowing what works for you, being free of health issues without masking with medications, looking forward to your period (because it happens effortlessly), being told 'you're' glowing, and you're not even wearing makeup, having more than enough energy to do all the things you want to do, falling in love with your body and empowering it thru holistic healing, being fully supported in this process, while gaining crucial knowledge , having peace of mind despite stressful circumstances surrounding you, knowing what to do and having the tools to, well beyond working together

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