I’m Jillian,

I am a people person, with a big heart and interest to see through that my clients have the best outcomes for their health. I have been involved in the holistic health field since 2009.

I graduated with honors as a Registered Nutritionist, and a Registered Orthomolecular Practitioner.   

I've spent 4 years working at developing the understanding of Chinese medicine herbs, Ayurveda and western herbology. 

I completed 2 Iridology analysis programs, a sclerology program and various specialized trainings. I love to apply my training, knowledge and skills to help facilitate healing! 

I have been publicly educating at CHCH, Rogers TV, Royal Botanical Gardens, Alternity & Alternative thinking, Own Inside, Goodness Me, Living Proof Institute, and soon *sneak share* Institute of Holistic Nutrition. 🌺 

I have had the opportunity to learn from naturopaths, holistic practitioners and nutraceutical companies, about over 20,000 products at the health food stores. I travelled to California to partake in a 4 year program to learn about in depth studies from Michael and Lesley Tierra, two internationally renowned herbalists.

I am committed to 

I focus primarily on adaptogens, hormone health for women, herbs for nerves of steel, detoxification with herbs, aphrodisiacs, alternative birth control, mushrooms & good nutrition. 

I offer holistic services in the Hamilton/Toronto regions & a whole lot of specially created herbal blends to have you feeling epic ! I offer sessions online.  

We’re not here forever & life is made to be lived fully. We cannot live fully if we do not have our health (mental, emotional, physical). Our emotions will get in the way, our bodies will get tired and our mind will convince us we can’t. 


I use these various tools to create more of the body/mind & health you want… and I do it with a lot of love, care and presence. 

My Story 

I was the third generation to be born with a hypoactive thyroid,  anemia, ADHD and dysmenorrhea.  These issues had a tremendous impact on my day to day cognitive functioning, energy levels, and self worth... 

During my periods, I would pass out, deal with crippling pain for no less than 36 hours, and lash out with throwing things across the room. 

I had ZERO hold over my uncontrollable sensitivity, and crying. I didn't like who I was and felt incredibly trapped in my existence of these states...It was not just me who suffered, it was me and every other person around me.

I remember being given tablets from my doctor, in which it produced side effects of profuse sweating, and erratic mood swings that got worse. 

Ever since then, I've completely recovered my health. 3 generations of horrific periods, and this cycle stops with me. I no longer have any trace of PMS, dysmenorrhea, or anemia. I have learnt to manage ADHD successfully and have recovered an amazing amount of energy to live my life how I want to. No more call in sick days dealing with insane emotions and physical pains!! *woot woot*  

Looking back I wish that I had someone who could've given me the full picture and supported me with the knowledge I have today. I would've conquered my health issues in under a year versus the 9 years it took to fully understand and overcome everything completely. I did see many practitioners throughout that time, that would help give pieces to the puzzle, but nothing compared to what I am about to give to those that feel called to work with me. 

You don't need to do it alone or play guessing games tryna get it right, leaving you with the same issues longer than needed. ️ 

If you are ready to dive deep in to your transformation and want some 1:1 support, this journey is for you.

I can't wait to share with you my 10+ years of studies and dedication to this work ❤️ ️ 

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