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Jillian Wisborg

Herbal Wellness for Womens Cycles

Herbal Wellness for Womens Cycles

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This is a private 1 hour online video call where I teach you about how to prevent, and interrupt early term (within 6 weeks). 

  • Understanding your womb cycles and tracking methods, a reliable system our ancestors have used for ages
  • Effective and pleasant alternatives for natural contraception and emergency situations
  • Learn the herbs to take at specific times to prevent pregnancy

I teach this course live on a google meets call, and then give a summary multi page pdf I created about implementing the herbs. I have had thousands of women that I have taught this method to. 

Those that have been on birth control and/or medications will want to ensure they do the Vibrant Vixen Health Overview first to be in the healthiest state for success with natural contraception methods. This is a knowledge upgrade that will change the way you look at your hormones, forever. 

Yes it works extremely well. We're talking 99% effective if you follow everything to a T. I have clients who have been using these methods for 7 years, and it has kept them from getting pregnant, even with having unprotected sex without pull out methods or any other forms of birth control.

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