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Jillian Wisborg

ADHD Nutrition & Herb 1:1 Support

ADHD Nutrition & Herb 1:1 Support

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Welcome to the next step in your evolution! This is  a program to help identify the nutritional & lifestyle barriers that are keeping you from optimal attention, focus, calm & memory 

I know you may have tried many methods, experimented with focus enhancing medications, be currently taking in stimulants or sativas to get thru the day. Perhaps you have felt like this works, to an extent, but still feel tired and fatigued... or just notice that your memory could be more clear. 

It's time for you to say goodbye to running on the stimulant train, losing track of things, having difficulty with getting tasks done or dealing with the cycle of emotions of being annoyed at oneself for procrastinating. It is time to fully own all the ways in which you can make the difference and release the need to be holding back 
Once I began to take charge of my health and habits, I began to have pristine success in gaining power over my ADHD ways. There are also beautiful ways to have the ADD/ADHD tendencies work for you. This is what I want to share with you. 

What we will cover 

  • Ways to improve working memory which is the information that we need longingly; where we are told things immediately!
  • The top herbs that have 2000 + years of noticeable benefits for mental rejuvenation 
  • The nutraceuticals & specific doses to make a big difference 
  • Various mushroom types & timing for massive brain benefits 
  • Dopamine, how it works, how to hack it 
  • Mental calmness & the top ways to attain it both in practice & in nutraceuticals 
  • Comparisons of various focus aids & their benefits & drawbacks 
  • Individually formulated plans to be able to overcome your unique blueprint


  • Nutri-body Analysis & report to uncover any mineral and vitamin deficiencies 
  • Tailored to you protocol 
  • Session to Identify History, Barriers & support for medications
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