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Jillian Wisborg

Entheogenic Experience

Entheogenic Experience

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Full 🍄 Journey with Therapist and Counselor of 30+ Years Experience, Sound Journey & Herbalist. Private Journeys & Group Journeys are available. 

Historically, mushrooms were considered to be an Entheogenic medicine, and have been used for thousands of years for people to deep dive into self, drop the masks, and open to the divine within & within the world.

There are life-changing shifts that can happen when pursuing a journey. When emotions have the opportunity to surface, this can lead to groundbreaking change. It is as though you are emptying your waste bin, and becoming clean and new. You will be able to deeply reflect on your own patterns and behaviours in ways that you never have been able to before. What is occurring in the brain, is that the default mode that your brain runs on, is interrupted. There is noticeable more communication that is observed between parts of the brain that normally don’t get a long enough chance to interact. Then, the insights and new perspectives are able to rise to the surface.

Many people walk away feeling as though they have been thru several deep therapy sessions. It is normal to experience a range of emotions such as awe, curiosity, bewilderment, concern, sadness, rage, isolation, expressiveness, deep pain, and explosive joy. This range is a reflection of different suppressed thoughts and traumas coming to the surface, and then the relief or suspension of continuous thoughts leading to sunnier states. Each journey can and does look completely different to each individual. This work is considered to be very sacred.., meaning it brings you closer into contact with the divinity within you and in the world. We work with those that recognize that proceeding into a mushroom journey is a precious experience that is to be honoured and prepared for with the utmost respect.

If you’re interested in a guided journey please contact for more information by sending an email at 
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