How Many Eye Colors Are There?

How many eye colors are there?

I have asked this question at every introduction seminar I have taught on Iridology.

The responding answers include:

“3! Green, Blue, Brown”


“Unlimited? Based on the Spectrum of Eye Hues”

I tell the audience, ‘you’re all right!’

Here’s why.

I have seen hundreds of people’s eyes up close, and there seems to be blue, grey, hazel, yellow, blue grey, turquoise, brown, and dark brown, and many other colors in-between.

Why then ask this question?

The reason is to identify how many true eye colors there exist.

You see, in Iridology, there is said to be only TWO true eye colors… Brown and Blue.

Every other color came about as a result of interracial mixing over thousands of years, and differences in the health.
For example, a blue eye can become green over the years, if there is yellow hues that become created from poor uric acid metabolism.
A brown eye could change in hue if there is red that comes up, which will often indicated changes in the pituitary gland.
There is much to explore in color patterns, and the designs of eyes, and Iridology is the study that uncovers what color patterns indicate.


Research to Support Iridology

“Novel cells in the eye may open the door to disease protection”
This Globe and Mail published study shows that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and work being done at the Krembil Research Institute is finding that the eye, specifically the retina and how it reacts to light, is indeed a signpost for more bodily conditions.

Follow the link to see this June 2017 study.
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