I Meet My Clients Where They Are At

Nutritionists, the scariest people since Frankenstein.

I’ve been in the industry of Holistic Health since 2008, and I have felt at times that it can be filled with a lot of frightening aspects such as…
-Labels that aren’t readily understood
-Diet principles that run against everything you ever believed
-Kombucha scoby’s that look like alien babies
-Adrenal fatigue
-Heavy metal issues

In truth, this industry of holistic health, and more specifically, nutrition, is not meant to be understood in a single book or diet regimen.

Nutritionists are well-meaning but sometimes unaware to the fact of the intimidation factor of getting into new patterns of eating.

I strive to keep aware of the unique challenges that my clients have, and work with the comfort level being presented. We are not all runners, and I have been told by several clients that a gift that I have to bring to people is grace and patience.
When there is a teacher or role that I am serving for clients, it is just as important that I remember to not create obstacles for clients by expectations that they do not buy into themselves. I take my clients word and work with them to create changes that makes sense.
Does this Nutritionist sound so scary? ;D

You Hate Vegetables… Keep Going

What is Love? Baby don’t hurt me… don’t hurt me… no more!

These were the words running through my mind the first few times I ever decided that I was going try and eat bok choy without crying.

It sounds silly, and it is !

This beckons… how did I ever become a nutritionist if I hated MANY vegetables.
I like to say.. LOVE.

I’ll tell you something crazy. When I was first getting onto a path of eating in a way that honored my body, I made a commitment to eat greens every day. I remembered that within love, there is patience, dedication, understanding. I had to get that Bok choy just isn’t chicken fingers. It’s not icecream. Bok choy is bok choy. As I understood this, I began to do something miraculous… I began to enjoy bok choy.

I stopped trying to make it something it wasn’t. I disallowed myself to put such impossible standards on something that cannot help to be itself. When I let it simply be, it allowed me the space to stop hating on it so badly. To mask it, and force it to be something it wasn’t.

Thankfully, I had something else working for me, and this is the taste buds, and gut taste receptors. You see, with new foods introducing themselves into your life, these start to change and adjust and allow for new, more ‘friendly’ responses to foods outside of your norm.

It’s not crazy to hate something at first, it is crazy to expect that you’re going to fall in love with new things right away. Patience, dedication, understanding, all play a role in the LOVE needed for a new lifestyle to fit into your pocket.