2 x Professional Holistic Assessment

Overview of dietary preferences, choices & needs. Deeper body inquiry into what nutrients need to be supplied, what is deficient/lacking. A Chinese Medicine/Ayurvedic Analysis will be given based on the choice of the client’s preference. Tongue & pulse analysis along with full Symptomatology will be taken). A look at the body’s current ratio’s and state of health, alongside with goal setting. You will receive an initial, as well as a final examination to see how far you’ve come.

2 x 60 minute in-depth Iridology Analysis
Including written iridology report from the Russian, German and Austrian methods
(Your eyes have a magnificent level of detail and high accuracy for showing your vitality, temperament, and health weaknesses and strengths). During the past five years, many successful clinical studies were accomplished in iridology throughout Asia and Europe. Several of these clinical studies showed a very high accuracy in diabetes diagnosis via the eye with success rates of between 80%-90% accuracy! You will receive an initial, as well as a final Iridology examination to see how far you’ve come 😉 )

8 x Core Nutrition Foundation 1:1 Private Sessions with your truly via Zoom (recorded for lifetime access)
We take on 3 of your core health issues, and dig to the root! Here we will lay the foundation for what grocery store shops are going to be needed to make the most of your health goals. We will also be working with cleansing protocols, creating medicinal meals, liver cleansing, increasing the receptivity of your cells with optimum nutrition, managing sugar cravings.

6 BLISS & PEACE STATE ACTIVATION Private 1:1 Sessions with your truly via Zoom (recorded for lifetime access)
You are ready to step into your natural state of being a badass blissed out babe !
Welcome to the world of meditation practices, high vitality herbs, AND DEEPER healing work. Here we will help you to remove illness and disease with your words, and strengthen and balance your feminine and masculine sides !

4 x Re-Wilding the Womb Conversations to claim your sexual sovereignty, overcome PMS, and enjoy deeper levels of intimacy and pleasure with your body!

Little do we know that there are more options than birth control and invasive IUD’s to be able to work with! Come learn about herbs for natural contraceptives and female sexual health that has been used for thousands of years. Reclaim the knowledge that has been hidden, remove the stigmas, and understand what options there are to enjoy sexual intimacy. We will be discovering herbs that can be used for enhancing the overall pleasure of intimacy, including releasing tension, enhancing wetness, and increasing energy and endurance! Finally a conversation about deeper womb healing and foods for fertility. You will learn some of the deeper principles of following your cycles, and getting in tune with what your body is uniquely needing right now to feel at your most optimal health.

Monthly Packages of Customized Supplements/Herbs/Flower Essences and Topical Skin Care Items to align with your health & spiritual development goals as you go through this epic transformation. I support you with all the tools you may need as your guide and mentor through this process. (total of 6 packages)

Week to week workbooks with practices, exercises, journaling, and more. Over the past ten years and dozens and dozens of programs, books, courses and more I have streamlined the most important information you need to save you time, money and energy. This includes the Women’s Alchemy Manual to nutritional awareness, fun & engaging challenges, and 36 tailored recipes. This is where we dive deeper into the pillars of what brings out your radiance!

Private email access to me- ask me anything I am here for you every step of the way. Monday to Friday 9-5pm. You have me in your messenger to support you up 30 minutes a week for additional support. Healing crisis averted 😉

Inquire by email or phone call to learn more!

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