Enhancing people’s quality of life one dish at a time, FITDISH offers a taste of Mother Nature: fresh, healthy food with energy boosting nutrients that leave you feeling fulfilled. FITDISH is a health-conscious food company serving people who don’t have the time, energy, or know-how to plan meals that suit their lifestyle. Whether you have fitness or nutrition goals, unique food preferences, or dietary requirements, FITDISH provides convenient, chef-inspired meal plans for those with busy schedules.

Save time planning and preparing meals on your own by selecting a program that best suits your lifestyle or consult with a FITDISH nutritionist to develop a customized meal plan. Using locally grown foods and natural ingredients, FITDISH meals and snacks can be delivered right to your home or workplace. FITDISH creates wholesome meals for the person on the go.


Organics Live delivers certified organic, sustainably produced, and locally focused food and grocery items to homes and businesses for less than the cost of shopping retail. At Organics Live, everything we deliver is sustainably produced with a heavy focus on supporting local growers and producers. We run a carbon neutral operation, offsetting all parts of the business, from field to plate. Our boxes are “best-of-season”, meaning that we source the freshest, highest quality fruits and vegetables available at any given time and deliver them to you weekly. Our mission is to build sustainable local food systems by providing small businesses the support they need to move sustainably produced goods and services from makers to consumers with as little waste as possible.