Sleeping Cycles

A late evening last night has be exploring the concept of polyphasic sleep cycles, wherein instead of having one sleep that is one large block of 7-9 hours (otherwise known as monophasic sleep cycles), the sleep is broken into 2, or more, distinct “sleep/nap zones.” In the summer I had the opportunity to experiment with this, I would fall asleep between 11pm and 1am, and would rise at about 3-5 am naturally, and would stay up and do some research/prayer/converse with another loved one that was trying this cycle out at the time. I would then either choose to stay awake until about 1pm, in which I would have a 1 and a half hour nap, or I would stay up for 2 hours, only to fall back asleep mid morning for an hour. If you ever notice that you find yourself waking and feeling great in the “middle of the night,” there is the possibility that it is just part of your natural cycle. One way to maximize your energy is to specifically put yourself in a situation wherein you get a large portion of deep restful sleep, known as REM. Read more for the link below. Keep exploring and discovering the new and the ancient!…/…/monophasic/