Reflections on Grieving a Close Friend

When grief hits your doorstep, it will shock and plunge the energy of your body. Grief cannot help but sit tight on the chest, and lungs, creating a feeling of tension and disturbance.

Three weeks ago I received the shock of my life, a close friend had taken their life. My heart poured out for his family, the pain he had experienced to have done this, and the heartbreak that his close friends and coworkers were feeling.
The grief I could feel draining my desire to eat, and disturbing my sleep. The processing had begun.

Amidst the visitation and funeral, I began to ask questions,…
Is it honest or stupid to offer myself or his mother a Bach flower remedy for processing grief? Would that be insensitive to myself or her, in dealing with this change?

I have seen transitions as necessary points that I must feel and process, as this is the way that learning, appreciation, grieving, and growing occur. I have not taken any aids, I have instead just allowed myself to feel through this one, knowing that it will take it’s time, but it will pass.

If the grief creates stagnation in my life, unnecesasarily (there is a time to grieve, and there is a time to grow), I will likely work with certain plants to assist and resolve any unsettled feelings. Until then, I am taking care to feel blessed that I knew this man, and supporting his loved ones in the ways that I can, with company and simple service.