Get Rid of Acne With These Nutritional Changes

Acne is a common issue that can and should be addressed internally. While most people see acne as an issue to be covered up by ‘flawless’ makeup, or using special creams, the skin is an organ that tell us the health of what is going on internally. Acne is not a one-supplement, or one-herb fix all concern, as there are various reasons that understood by science, as to the possible triggers of why acne can come up… including:

– high insulin levels from refined sugar intake, leading to inflammation and breakouts
– pasteurized dairy products have been found to elevate IGF (insulin growth factor) that can lead to acne outbreaks
– a substantially higher omega 6 intake (from canola oil, nuts, breads, meat, dairy), can lead to the increase of arachidonic acid, a known inflammatory prostaglandin (leading to acne)

These are just some of other possible dietary reasons as to why acne can come up.

A Holistic Nutritionist with skills in addressing your situation can do wonders. Just see what Christie said when she did the Immersion Package for taking care of her skin…

“Having tried hormone therapy, different specialty skincare products and medical prescriptions to clear up my adult acne, I decided to try working with Jillian on this concern of mine. I saw results as she had advised, within the timeframe of 6 weeks that she had predicted. I was very happy that I understood more about what was happening with my skin and how it is connected to the rest of my body systems as a result of the Iridology and her process. This new insight along with working with Jillian was the best part about the process, and I have and will continue to recommend Jillian’s Iridologist services to others.”

Body Love, It Has No Boundaries

Body Love, It Has No Boundaries.

Let’s get real about something. Body Love, and Appreciating all that You are Should Never, Ever, Grow Old. There is something entirely precious about Valuing and Loving Yourself, Wherever You Are.
Making a reason to ‘dislike’ your arms, hips, feet, face, in order to propel change is not necessary. We do not need to berate ourselves in order to make a change… or are you one of those people that does?

Flashback: I was born with hundreds of freckles, brown spots, and moles. I remember feeling the dislike, feeling disfigured and somehow not good enough. Why? I could call it conditioning, seeing ‘beauty’ of spotless bodies around me, or I could say it was just me not liking me. A belief I held close that they were not right, and not meant to be, as if it should be another way.

I remember wanting so badly for these spots to just go away. So I tried, and the more I tried, the more I propelled the self-worth battle into the gutter. Ugh… it was relentless, there was no changing these spots !

Fast forward to 2002 and I gave up on hating them. I fell into acceptance. I would be noticed for these freckles, and my tune changed… “Yeah! This cluster looks like the milky way, aren’t they cool?” I began to speak about them with confidence, and admiration. My whole body’s energy changed around them. I didn’t feel like these took away, I felt okay about them.

You might be thinking… ‘but yeah! Freckles are cute’… well listen, there is someone, somewhere probably thinking to themselves that the same attributes that you beat yourself up over, are the same appreciable and generally recognized as awesome parts!

Just last week, my brother looks at me and says, “Dang! Your arms are too skinny.” To that I looked at him and say, “To what do you compare?” He looks back at me and responds, “My girl Azeanne has thick arms and I love them.” I responded in kind, “That’s great! I’m glad you love your girls arms.” I winked at him and smiled, giggling internally at the spectrum of Love that can be had for different body types. Do you see how the comparison game was at play 😉

Body Love is probably for some of us, a lifetime journey, and for others, a “I really don’t like this and until I change, I have already made up my mind that I just cannot like myself.” Whatever spectrum you fall under, I just want you to know that it is okay to be who you are.

One of the core teachings I have in my Empowered Eater Program is distinguishing between our Likes, and Wants, our Must Haves and our Must Grow Love for.

It is better to never miss an opportunity to love yourself for all you are, wherever you are, than to use rejection and hatred as fuel for change. The energy of Love expands, and Builds Confidence, Hatred and Rejection build animosity, and dislike, not just for YOU, but for the people around you that you Love Judging so Much for the Same things you Hate about yourself.

Take that in and digest that. You are building Hatred for the Same People that Have Your so-called Issues. Now you get to propel that hatred into the world and see that reverberate out. Now you cannot help see others with your ‘issues’ as flawed. Maybe you enjoy this type of thinking, and even feel justified and ‘right’ in your viewpoint. Truly and surely though, that is all it is, just a viewpoint, based on you.

You get to decide what your viewpoint is, so choose wisely, and choose in creation of serving a higher purpose than propelling shame <3 Or So My Hope is For the World !